Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God for featuring us in His show
Praise God for sun
And for rain
Praise God for the growth that comes with pain
And that moment of healing when only beauty remains.
Praise God for scabs that turn to scars and don’t hurt anymore
And for metaphors about windows and doors
That make us want to get out of our chairs and say yes to the world.
Praise God for beds at the end of days we wish could be erased
For grace
And for mace, not that we would use it, but it makes us feel safe
       on those nights when we walk home alone.
For the ability to hear smiles over the phone.
And for bodies that cry out to You from the depths of our bones.

For brains that send messages to the rest of our parts
That tell us how to feel, when to laugh and when to fart.
And praise God for the messages that say “feel joy right now.”
For our hearts that pump blood up through our bodies and all the way down
To our toes, to our nose, and even our elbows.
For hearts so strong that we made them our symbol for love.
And for love so true we can never be deprived of it.

Praise God for love.
Because forget the hokey pokey, love is what it’s all about.
And praise God for those times we start to doubt,
Because waiting on the shore of our sea of fears is true understanding coming out.
Praise God for the beauty of blue skies
And for the people in our lives so wise we can see the truth in their eyes.
Praise God for making mornings worth it just for the sunrise.
For jobs that start early and for the ones that go late,
Even at times when we want to say things like I hate

Praise God for always reminding us that isn’t true,
And helping us find ways to love what we do
Because we know there are people who do much more for much less,
And we should never, for one second, forget that we’re blessed.

Praise God for making us whole always
For the promise of better days and for glimpses of glory in broken clouds’ sun rays.

Praise God for forgiveness, and the ability to forgive.
For redemption, salvation, restoration- the death of abomination
For knowing we’ll never die, but through You can only ever truly live.