Jesus came from the father
the gardener who plants us
he said, I am the vine
and you are the branches
If you remain in me and I remain in you
together there can be much fruit
but apart from me
there can be none

I am the vine that feeds you
when you need to be nourished
I am the only way you will flourish
the veins in my vine course with courage
stream with strength
and swell with love
extended to you
so that you can do what
the gardener intended
so that when He tends us
He will be pleased by what you yield.

I am the stem that won’t let you wilt
that will keep you standing though this life may tilt
though the world has the power to jilt
I am the rod that restores and rebuilds
replants and redeems
I have the power to plants seeds
for the Gardener to harvest
The same Gardener who plants light
and plucks out darkness
the same Gardener-God who made us in his likeness
who made us to bear fruit
and without whom we’re destitute
but with whom we are resolutely
purposed with the potential to produce

He said I am the vine, I carry the roots
I’m asking you not to cut me loose
or use me as noose
for I am the vine which gives life
I am the vine which can revive
from which you were derived
The vine by which you thrive
I am your key to survival,
and your hope for new life
the fullest way to come alive
the truest way to come alive
the only way to come alive
I am the vine and you are the branches
I am the giver of second chances
I am the vine
I am the soil
I am the sunshine
I am the rain
I am the remedy
I am the truth,
the hope,
the love,
I am the vine

I am the life