As chosen people
first by God and now by one another
look into yourselves and uncover
the goodness that lies within
clothe yourselves with compassion
be kind in your reactions
and intentional in your actions
in the face of frustration
practice patience
deny yourself the temptation
to resort to anger
be tender in your mercy
toward one another

I will say it again: forgive
forgive as you were forgiven
forgive with the grace you live in
forgive without reason
and without ceasing

Don’t keep score or
you’re on the same team
in this beautiful game
So stand together 
and learn to be better
as one than you were 
as individuals
Don’t be too proud to 
meet in the middle
Let Christ be your center
richly dwelling over all others

above all put on love
not just any love
but the love that is anchored above
the kind of love that
binds together
all other virtues
the kind of love that 
makes one out of two
in perfect harmony

Remember that now you are ONE body
and if part of it hurts,
the whole thing suffers
so mourn and rejoice together,
but never stop rejoicing
Take the time to dance and sing
To teach and learn and grow
And whatever you do
whether the actions you take
or the truth you claim
let it be clear 
that you live every single second
of every single day
proclaiming the name
of the one by whom you've been saved.