Another year has just begun
Another new year has come to show us just how fat we’ve all become
And how many times we had a little too much fun,
How little we’ve gotten done,
How much we didn’t do for any one 
but us
since last January 1.
Fact is: it takes about a month
For us to dump our New Year’s selves,
Get our February-and-beyond mindset off the shelf,
Dust it off, and realize our ambitions have gone straight to hell.
In January, everybody waking up to their own “I-Have-a-Dreams”
That this year my house is gonna stay clean
That I’m gonna go to the gym five days a week
I won’t let myself have too much to drink
I won’t smoke another cigarette, I’m gonna organize my life
I’m gonna manage my time, I’m gonna value my wife
Won’t spend a dime more than I make
And I’ll pay all my debt.
No more bets, no more gambles
no more rambling in lies while my life is in shambles.
But come February those dreams are no more real than the dreams of our sleep.

So I have an idea, 
And you can call it a dream
That we would take this failure of a tradition,
Use our intuition and start setting goals that come to fruition.
How about we stress a little less about our weight
and harvest our interest in the tragic fate
of 25,000 people who die every day 
because it’s been so long since they ate.
How about we make a budget that incorporates
Generosity and do something about the atrocity 
That is homelessness,
That is poverty,
That is broken school systems, 
That is classism and racism and every other branch of ism
whose roots can be found in a lack of sufficient funds
and then how about we make them sufficient.
How about we cut our TV time in half
And volunteer where people have forgotten how to laugh
And show them what it feels like to believe in good again.
How about we stop trying to cold turkey quit
Dependency issues that take patience
And friends who will put up with fits.
And let’s work on stabilizing ourselves for the sake of
The people we love. 
Let’s work on loving ourselves the way we were made
Before we do so much to change that we slowly fade away.

See, what I want is not a New Year’s Resolution
I want a today revolution. 
I want a tomorrow revolution.
 And the next day: Revolution. And the day after that
And next week, and next month,
January through December,
Til kingdom come let us remember to wake up every day
And resolve to be the greatest we can possibly be.