Say to each other “we can do this.”
Say that you love the way that they kiss
And you’ll miss them for whatever time you’re apart. 
Say all the things that you said from the start
And any good thing you’ve said since then, 
Say it too. As long as it’s from the heart. 
Say that you’re sorry, but more importantly
Say that you forgive. Don’t keep score.
Say that you know they’re worth fighting for,
But do your best not to fight.
Say to her “you’re beautiful”
Even when you wake in the middle of the night, 
or in the morning when she’d never say it about herself.
Say that he’s strong and ask for his help.
Say “I need you. For you I am grateful”
Bite your own tongue before you let it sound hateful.
Say goodnight, good morning, goodbye, and good luck
Don’t ever say words to each other like… schmuck.
Let all that you say have the intent to encourage.
Let all of your words make your love only flourish.
When you think of something nice, say it and mean it- however small.
When you think of something mean, just say nothing at all. 
Say yes.
Say that you care.
Say that you’re scared.
Say ‘it’ll be okay” and believe in all the things you say. 
Say “I love you”
And when you say it, let the words carry the weight of their worth
Say it like, of all the people on this whole earth,
You’d choose each other every time.