Plans change. People change. Or people don’t change when you wish they would. Time doesn’t stop when you wish it could. Kids are loud and break things. Moms know how to bake things. Friends move away and you miss them. Boys say nice things and you kiss them.  Boys say mean things that make you mad. Boys say nothing which makes you sad.

You set up camp under a tent made by hand with invisible stakes keeping it too low to stand. Then one day you cut loose what’s been tying you down and take that great leap even though you might drown. Then the ladder of life you begin to climb, but fall short of the top when you run out of time. Or you miss a step on the ladder and fall, break both your legs, and relearn to crawl until healing you find from the back of your mind and in time you will shine again.

Prepare for the worst, but never expect it. Act on impulse, but never regret it. Know that love isn’t always going to feel good, and sleep will avoid you more often than it should. Don’t complain about things that you know you can’t change. Do all that you can not to cause others pain. Take every opportunity that you get to feel free. When you look in the mirror always, always, love who you see. Never wish away any period of time. And never take for granted the sun when it shines.