We are women
Varied, unique but united
A sisterhood which refuses to be divided
We are capable, complex
We are tender, we are wise, 
We are limitless
We are better than fearless
For we are brave in spite of our fear
In the face of hardship we persevere
We are healers, teachers, 
leaders, preachers
And our message is power
Our mission is hope
We are survivors
We are both lovers and fighters
Because some things are worth fighting for
We are so much more than they said we could be
We are the dreams of our ancestors
Turned reality
The sequels of our mothers
Equals with our brothers
And we are bound to one another 

We are the tide coming in
We are rhythm and wave
Like the moon aglow and its many phases
We ebb and flow
Conceive and create
We are warriors against hate
We are soldiers in solidarity
We are flower but also stem also tree
Because we are power and support
We are more than budding beauty
But beauty still we are
We are history, we are today
We are then and now
We are the future
We are magic and mystery
Wonder and awe
At once humble and confident
both powerful and soft 

We are not afraid to feel
Or kneel when we don't have the answer
We know we cannot master everything
But we can give it our best
We know what it is to bless and be blessed
To fight hard
Dream big
Love well
And we may have been through hell
but our scars have healed
And we thank God now, 
that we have a story to tell 

We know the value of a sister, of a friend
We reject the idea that we must always fend
for ourselves
We know it isn’t weakness to care
And that there is always room at the table
to pull up a chair
And let our guard down
Because it won’t keep us afloat
to let our sister drown
We know it’s better to empower
than put each other down
We would rather inspire together
than conspire against
We’d rather shatter ceilings
than erect a fence 

We are here for more
We’re here to explore possibility
To extend generosity
We can do and we can be
anything we want to be
We can be leaders
We can be dreamers
We can set goals
and like that become achievers
We can get stuff done
And we can overcome
We may fall, bruise, and bleed
but we can rise again 

And we will
again and again
We will not give up
Surrender is not in our vocabulary
No white flag will be waved to our adversaries
We will move mountains
We will shatter boundaries
We will break down the walls
Kick open doors
We will slap away the hands that reach for what is ours
and we are unwilling to give away
be it our success, our choice, our confidence
our bodies, or our deserved praise
These things are ours
we will name them
and claim them today and every day
We will not let anything get in our way
Because we are world changers
We are trail blazers
Creators and innovators
Hope generators
Difference makers
We will not be quelled by our perceived failures
For we are constant curators of beauty and goodness and strength
We are women
And we can do anything.